At our Leading Colorado luncheon in March, Southwest Airlines did something incredible to support people who want to grow as leaders: they pledged $20,000 to support our Emerging Leaders Scholarship Fund.

But, they also challenged alumni to match them so that we can work together to pay it forward and ensure we have more effective, collaborative leaders ready to take on the tough challenges we face as a community.

Our most recent Leadership Denver and Impact Denver graduates answered that call — raising over $22,000!

Our scholarship fund opens doors for remarkable civic leaders who otherwise would not be able to participate in the Leadership Foundation’s transformational programs. It’s Colorado’s Civic DNA™ in action – creating a more inclusive, collaborative community of leadership, with a deeper sense of responsibility to make Colorado better for all – and we get to the best solutions when we engage more people in leading in the community.

Will you help us pay it forward? Southwest, Leadership Denver and Impact Denver have raised over $42,000 for our scholarship fund and we think you, our alumni, can match them 😊.

We’re a family of over 4,500 alums – if you give just $10 we’ll double our investment in future leaders in our community. Every dollar you contribute goes exclusively to scholarships—and one more emerging leader joins us to build a more resilient and prosperous community. Donate to our scholarship fund.

We’re grateful to our alums, Southwest and you for continuing to support leaders in our community.

Want to learn more about our scholarship fund? Check out the video below: