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COVID-19’s Impact on Events and Hospitality

The event and hospitality industry was hit hard by this pandemic. Their business didn’t just slow down; it halted. In this week’s Virtual Voices, we heard from industry leaders on how they had to change their business and get creative to stay open, and how they are partnering with our community. Virtual Voices aims to keep alums informed and engaged [...]

Collaboration Key to Denver’s COVID-19 Recovery

Collaboration, inclusivity, responsibility, leadership and shared vision – it’s Colorado’s Civic DNA and it’s the lens in which Denver is responding to this pandemic. In last week’s Virtual Voices, our alumni heard from two leaders of the City and County of Denver’s Office of Economic Development and Opportunity: Executive Director Eric Hiraga and Chief of Staff Jen Morris. They shared [...]

We Need Leaders Now More Than Ever

Now more than ever, we’ve seen how important leadership is in navigating this crisis. While uncertainty can be scary, it also creates an opportunity for leaders to innovate, collaborate and step into new leadership roles. We want our community’s leaders to have the knowledge, network, skills and experiences to enhance their leadership. To do that, we need you, our alumni! [...]

Nonprofits Quick to Respond to COVID-19

Our nonprofit community knew that they had to act fast to respond to COVID-19 to provide resources to those who need it most. In last week’s Virtual Voices, we heard from nonprofit leaders on how their nonprofits are supporting our community, how they’re rallying their volunteers and staff and how they’re preparing for the future. Virtual Voices aims to keep [...]

There’s No Lesson Plan for COVID-19

Most of us have had to adapt to the transition from an in-person world to a virtual environment, and that includes students and teachers. In last week’s Virtual Voices, we heard from leaders in education on how they are keeping their students and staff motivated and what opportunities they are seeing as a result of this pandemic. Virtual Voices aims [...]

Latest Program Updates During COVID-19

Now more than ever, we are witnessing the importance of leadership in Colorado. We have seen how we can rally together to respond to a crisis, and it’s inspiring to see our leaders collaborate to take care of our community – Colorado’s Civic DNA™ in action. At the Leadership Foundation, the health and safety of our community is our first [...]

Chamber Leadership: We’ll Navigate This Crisis, Together

A crisis allows our community to rally and shows us why working together is the best way to get things done. In last week’s Virtual Voices, a new series from the Leadership Foundation, we heard from Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Kelly Brough on how businesses are navigating this pandemic, the importance of leaning on your team [...]

Small Business Leaders: We Focus on Building Culture to Help During Times Like These

We always knew culture was important to a business’ success, but this pandemic has really shown us why. For this week’s Virtual Voices, a new series from the Leadership Foundation, we heard from small business owners who shared how they’re leading their teams with transparency and compassion and how we can support them and other small businesses in our community. [...]

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