Meet Your 2020 9NEWS Leader of the Year Finalists

At the Leadership Foundation, we educate and inspire people who want to make a difference as leaders in our community. Inspiration is why we partner with 9NEWS to select a Leader of the Year who embodies the values of Colorado’s Civic DNA™: inclusivity, collaboration, leadership, shared vision and responsibility. I’m pleased to announce to you first our 9NEWS Leader of the Year finalists: Luis Benitez, [...]

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30 Things You Didn’t Know About LEX

The first LEX trip was to Seattle in 1990 – and we returned there in 2003. In Seattle we learned about metropolitan cooperation – the spark for the regionalism that metro Denver is known for today. A lot has changed since 1990: the downtown area has seen revitalization, most recently with Denver Union Station. Denver International Airport opened and was named the best U.S. [...]

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Celebrating One Year with B:CIVIC

Last week we celebrated one year with B:CIVIC. It’s been a fantastic year and we’re thrilled that we can harness not only the power of individuals through the Leadership Foundation but also businesses through B:CIVIC to do more good in the community. Here’s what we’ve been up to: We challenged over 250 leaders – from 148 companies and 28 industries – to be bold [...]

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Leaders Are Never Done Learning

In life we’re never done learning. And, at the Leadership Foundation we’re challenging leaders in our community to sharpen their skills – that’s why we offer programs year-round to help you keep asking, what’s next? From just a few days to digging deep over several months with a group of your peers, our goal is to help you take the next step in your [...]

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Meet Your Board of Directors

We have an exciting year ahead of us, and I cannot be more thrilled to have 50 outstanding leaders in our community shaping our mission and work to give people the tools they need to get engaged – and lead – for the common good as our 2019-20 Leadership Foundation board of directors. Our board of directors approved the following officers: Chair: Lorii Rabinowitz, CEO [...]

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