Support Our Leading Colorado Scholarship Fund

The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s Leading Colorado Scholarship Fund opens doors for remarkable civic leaders who otherwise would not be able to participate in the Leadership Foundation’s transformational programs. When we bring people with diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to the table, our community becomes more inclusive and collaborative, and we make Colorado better for all.

Because of leaders like you, we have been able to steadily increase our scholarship support for worthy candidates over the past several years. Generous donors and alumni know the value of a strong, vibrant, inclusive community, and they want to “pay it forward.” Every dollar you contribute goes exclusively to scholarships—and one more emerging leader joins with us to build a more resilient and prosperous community here.

The Leading Colorado Scholarship Fund is Colorado’s Civic DNA™ in action—creating a more inclusive, collaborative community of leadership, with a deeper sense of responsibility for making Colorado better for all.

Southwest Launches Scholarship Challenge

Southwest has been a long-time supporter of the Leadership Foundation, and in March, they pledged $25,000 to support our scholarship fund at our Leading Colorado.


“The scholarship fund doesn’t allow income to be a barrier … It’s worth investing in the scholarship fund so people like me can be part of these amazing leadership programs.”

Regan Byrd

ID Spring ’18, Data and Systems Manager at Bell Policy Center

“Investing in leaders is one of the best things you can do for your city.”

Brad Reubendale

LD ’19 and ID Spring ’17, Executive Director of SAME Café