Invest in yourself – that’s exactly what Tony Mauro, director of Perficient, was looking for when he decided to apply for Leadership Denver. He’s found that investment and much more in his Leadership Denver 2020 class.

“Leadership Denver has elevated who I am in the program, at work, at home and in the community,” Mauro said.

Leadership Denver is the region’s premier leadership program that transforms actively engaged civic leaders into community champions through in-depth experiences with a close network of new personal and professional relationships that last a lifetime. This 11-session program includes a class retreat and community impact project.

Mauro contributes much of his experience to relationships he’s built with his classmates. He’s been able to connect with other leaders who want to better our community – he’s even found his own “Dad Pool.” “Leadership Denver is now my most important network. I have people who push me and support me,” Mauro said.

In fact, Mauro’s Leadership Denver network is who he’s relied on through the uncertainty of the past few months. When there’s so much change, it’s important to be in a program like Leadership Denver where you can expand your network of support.

Mauro’s also been able to dive deep on issues facing our community and has discovered how he can get involved. “I’ve become more aware of the areas that need love that I didn’t know about before and where I can lend a hand,” Mauro said. Each session, you learn more about an issue facing our community – from policy to poverty, and you hear directly from the communities impacted.

Mauro knows that he’s just getting started.

“Leadership Denver is just the beginning. I’m excited to move forward [with my class] and continue to support each other.”

Do you want to get started in your leadership journey? Applications are open for the 2021 Leadership Denver class. Apply by Wednesday, July 8.