One Leader Finds How She Can Serve

Lindsay Jones

Sometimes we just need a little push as we contemplate our next step. For Lindsay Jones that push came when she received a scholarship to be in the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s spring 2016 Impact Denver class.

Not only did it mean she wouldn’t have to worry about financial strain during the six months of the program, but she felt it also showed faith in her as a leader.

“Receiving a scholarship to participate in Impact Denver ’16 was confirmation that taking a step towards personal and professional development was worth it,” said Jones, a site director for College Track. “I could focus on developing myself as a leader instead of figuring out how to cover the costs of the program.”

Now, she feels that she is more willing to take a chance and is eager to learn more and serve her community. And Jones has paid it forward to others, coaching Impact Denver participants in the fall 2016 class on their community impact project. She has also been involved with the Foundation’s alumni advisory council and is hopes to work with community groups that empower youth in finding their voice and artistic expression.

The Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation educates and inspires people who want to make a difference as leaders in our community. It provides more than $190,000 annually in scholarships to ensure that emerging leaders can participate in programs that help them find their role in making Colorado a better place for all. That includes ensuring people from nonprofits, small businesses, government organizations or under-represented organizations can participate. Donations during Colorado Gives Day on Dec. 6 support the Leadership Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Scholarship Fund.

While in Impact Denver, Jones discovered the interconnectedness of the community, heard different voices and perspectives and learned how to be more intentional in how she leads. Impact Denver is a Leadership Foundation program aimed at millennial professionals. Over six months they learn about community issues, discover their leadership style and complete a community project with a small team.

“In Impact Denver, I learned that it’s not about aligning people by their title, but leveraging a variety of perspectives and talents to accomplish a goal,” she said. “I appreciate the Leadership Foundation’s emphasis on a community that extends beyond our neighborhoods and into a broad sense of human connection.”

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