Learnings from LEX: The Apprenticeship Model

For the first time in 27 years, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation went intercontinental to Munich, Germany, for Leadership Exchange (LEX), taking 130-plus Denver metro area business leaders to explore innovations happening in another community and bring those best practices home. On this trip, delegates focused in on workforce readiness and Germany’s apprenticeship model. “The apprenticeship model, while not new to Europe, has [...]

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LEX From A Student Leader’s Eyes

When the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation invited me to be the student participant on the Munich Leadership Exchange (LEX), I was surprised and overwhelmed with excitement, yet nervous. I was going to spend nearly a week with a select group of Colorado’s most exceptional business and civic leaders. Just a month before LEX, I met with my mentors to solicit advice and develop [...]

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LEX Inspiring Colorado Leaders

Over the past few years I’ve grown familiar with the benefits of the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s (DMCLF) programs: an expanded network of high-powered professionals; exposure not only to civic problems, but also to potential solutions for those problems; a deepened sense of community and possibility. And my first Leadership Exchange (LEX) trip to Munich provided all of those in spades. But to [...]

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LEX: A Culture of Fostering Innovation

Jeff Dolan and Cindy Parsons. In the weeks following the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s Leadership Exchange (LEX), I’ve been reflecting more on what I brought back with me. I think of LEX as a “pop-up incubator,” where great ideas and talented people come together to exercise their civic leadership and create community impact.  While the careful curation of these trips is [...]

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What’s Amazon’s leadership style?

You may have heard that a small e-tailer named Amazon is looking for a second headquarters in North America. And, some folks put us at the top of their list of prospective homes for Jeff Bezos’ company. We know the impact it could lead to in Colorado: 50,000 jobs over the next 10 to 15 years, $5 billion in investment and a major boost [...]

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