Now more than ever, we’ve seen how important leadership is in navigating this crisis. While uncertainty can be scary, it also creates an opportunity for leaders to innovate, collaborate and step into new leadership roles.

We want our community’s leaders to have the knowledge, network, skills and experiences to enhance their leadership. To do that, we need you, our alumni!

As an alum, you are our best recruiters, because you know the value of our programs. We need you to help us recruit for our upcoming programs. Applications are open for the Leadership Denver 2021 class and Impact Denver Fall 2020 class. Leadership Denver applications are due July 8 and Impact Denver applications are due Aug. 4.

Share with your network your experience as a Leadership Foundation alum, and if you have someone in mind, refer them to us and we’ll connect with them.

We also want to connect you with the resources you need during this uncertain time. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Colorado Nonprofit Association to provide one-time coaching sessions to help you navigate the new normal.

If you’re looking for specific strategic advice to help you operate more effectively in this time of enormous uncertainty and higher demands, a coach is a great resource to lean on.

Our crisis coaches include some familiar faces – our alums and Colorado’s Civic DNA Fellows coaches. Thanks to Deborah Dale BrackneyMaureen BreezeLeon CernaClay CousinsHeide GarriganCarolyn Love and Pierre Powell for lending their coaching expertise to leaders in our community.

Learn more about how you can connect with a coach.

Dan Lewis is the executive director for the Leadership Foundation.