What would you do if you had access to 5,000 leaders in your community? Doug Miller, senior director of wisdom for DaVita and a Leadership Foundation board member, has found his community online and offline through The Network, an online community just for Leadership Foundation alumni.

Miller is The Networker of the Quarter for showcasing his expertise as a 2019 Colorado’s Civic DNA Fellows Coach and adding thoughtful insights to discussions around unconscious bias and inspiring employee creativity.

Get to know Miller and connect with him on The Network. Login to discover how you can engage with alums.

Elizabeth Prutch: Why are you active on The Network?

Miller: The Network helps me connect with other leaders in Denver that are of like mind and spirit. While in person is always the best way to build relationships, The Network is a great place to get those relationships started. It’s also a great place to get support and perspective – I’ve enjoyed being able to offer support to others.

Prutch: What have you gained from being active on The Network?

Miller: I have gained a sense of being connected. I get energy from interacting with others and being of service. The Network gives me another place to do that.

Prutch: Why should other alumni join The Network?

Miller: To stay connected. One tip is to get the weekly digest. This is a great way to lean into conversations and see what is on other’s hearts and minds.

It’s also a great way to locate and connect with other leaders that you may not have realized are alumni. I find myself more responsive to someone reaching out through The Network then I do when they are reaching out without any context. Knowing they are an alum of the Leadership Foundation lets me know they are up to something meaningful and that we have some share values and commitments to support Denver civically.

Prutch: What is your leadership style?

Miller: I have dedicated my life to the healing, transformation and evolution of humanity. I am committed to reducing suffering. This informs my leadership style and how I intend to impact the world.

Prutch: What advice do you have for others regarding leadership?

Miller: Leadership is a human skill and business is a management skill. Take rigorous time to reflect on who you are being. I operate from the philosophy that beliefs drive behaviors which create results. It’s deep and powerful work to confront you deeper and often unconscious beliefs about life and leadership. That’s the place where true transformation occurs.  

Prutch: What does civic engagement mean to you?

Miller: I love this distinction I heard Kent Thiry make at DaVita. There’s a difference between being a resident and being a citizen. Being a citizen means that I am committed to making the community a better place. To me this is the essence of civic engagement. Deep and action-oriented commitment to make our amazing community a better place.