What would you do if you had access to 4,500 leaders in your community? Kate Palmer, financial advisor for Merrill Lynch and Impact Denver spring 2017 alum, has found her community online and offline through The Network, an online community just for Leadership Foundation alumni.

Palmer is The Networker of the Quarter for her active engagement on community discussions, from inviting fellow alums to take part Jeffersonian Dinners (you can take part in May and June) to asking them to share their favorite Denver restaurants, moving from digital to IRL connections.

Get to know Palmer and connect with her on The Network. Login to discover how you can engage with alums.

Elizabeth Prutch: Why are you active on The Network?

Palmer: It is rare to get an opportunity to have direct access to and communication with some of the most influential, inspiring and engaging members of our community. I use the Network to connect and learn from such thought leaders.

Prutch: What have you gained from being active on The Network?           

Palmer: The Network has allowed me to connect with alumni across classes, years and programs. It has helped me feel part of a community.

Prutch: Why should other alumni join The Network?

Palmer: The Network allows alumni to be part of a larger community than just the programs they attended.  It is a great tool to stay connected, have authentic conversations and learn about what is happening in the community.

Prutch: What is your leadership style?

Palmer: Affiliative – I focus on teamwork and try to create a harmony by connecting people to each other.

Prutch: What advice do you have for others regarding leadership?

Palmer: Be yourself, ask for feedback and embrace discomfort.

Prutch: What does civic engagement mean to you?

Palmer: Civic engagement means putting into practice your beliefs and values. It also means being an integral part of your community.

Elizazeth Prutch is the manager of alumni engagement for the Leadership Foundation