For Greg Greenwood, leadership starts with serving others. From mentoring youth to building connections for business owners, Greenwood has a knack for bridging gaps and bringing people together to achieve a greater impact. He believes strongly that “all boats will rise together if a purpose greater than ourselves is at the forefront of our actions,” and has put this belief into action as the convener of like-minded individuals, leaders and communities throughout his career.

Having experienced the ups and downs of business, Greenwood has applied his self-proclaimed serial entrepreneurial spirit to serving others so they may learn from his successes and his missteps. As co-founder and CEO of Colorado Thought Leaders Forum, an organization bringing actionable, timely, value-rich content to the Colorado business community, Greenwood has given countless hours to mentor, serve and make powerful connections for small business owners and leaders, ultimately strengthening the Colorado business community. He leverages his experience to develop resources for the next generation of business leaders, instilling an authentic desire for collaboration and putting purpose and community above personal gain.

In addition to his work with Colorado Thought Leaders Forum, Greenwood also serves as the executive director of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado (BEN). In this role, Greenwood helps to make valuable connections between seasoned professionals and high-growth company CEOS who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. BEN provides these business owners connections to a multitude of available resources across the Front Range from peer-to-peer networks, personal growth opportunities, available talent, capital sources, professional service providers and more.

“It is central to my existence to serve,” Greenwood says.

Since he was a child in Arkansas, giving back to the community has been a key element to the fabric of his life. He has served as a mentor to countless youth through organizations including Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Here’s Life Inner City and Sun Valley Youth Center. Greenwood’s desire to make a difference in the lives of others is his driving force, and he is especially proud of the relationships he has built – including the relationship he has with mentee Ike Harvey.

“I don’t like calling Greg a mentor, because he’s more than that to me – he’s a father,” Harvey said. “He showed me there was more to the world than just the block that I lived on, and that altered my path forever.”

Described by many of his friends and fans as a bridge between communities, Greenwood’s commitment to serving the Denver community has altered countless lives – young people and business professionals alike. His style of leading from the back by providing support and counsel has created a ripple effect throughout the Front Range, and he continues to serve as a driving force behind inspiring authentic collaboration for the betterment of our community and our state.

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Greg Greenwood in a SNAPSHOT

Quote: “If you want to go fast, go alone – if you want to go far, go together.”

Biggest hope for Denver

“As our community continues to grow, I hope that we don’t lose the fabric of diversity that makes Denver unique.”

Significant Accomplishments

  • Co-founder & CEO of Colorado Thought Leaders Forum, which has grown to include six Denver chapters consisting of 125 members in the invitation-only program in just over seven years, as well as a group of nine collaborative partners serving as shareholders for the organization and an 18-member board of advisors consisting of successful CEOs/executives
  • Executive director of Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado, offering more than 25 events annually to a network of more than 80 CEOs/entrepreneurs and 250 advisors
  • Founder and CEO of comCables, successful technology company which donated upwards of 25 percent of profits annually to local community organizations until its sale in 2012
  • Dedicated his life to mentoring youth and entrepreneurs, imparting his experience and passion for community first while developing life-long relationships

Awards, Accolades and Community Investment

  • Denver Gazelle Company, City and County of Denver (2012)
  • Edward Lowe Foundation’s CCTW Award (2011)
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Semi-Finalist (2006)
  • Denver Business Journal 40 Under 40 honoree (1997)
  • 500 Company, Lantech (1990s)
  • Colorado Companies to Watch (2009 – Present) Past alumni chair and current board member, advisor to the board and executive committee member
  • SCI Network (1995 – Present) President, vice president, activities officer and member