“The issues we get into on Colorado Experience … are Colorado issues to resolve,” said Steve Silvers, partner at SilversJacobson LLC and long-time Leadership Foundation alum.

Silvers is no stranger to the opportunities offered at the Leadership Foundation. He first engaged in Leadership Denver in 1998 and is a past Leadership Foundation board member. As a board member, Silvers helped curate the first Colorado Experience (CE) to Colorado Springs.

CE is a two-day, one-night exploration, where leaders go to the source of big ideas, learn from experts and connect. We sat down with Silvers to talk about what sparked CE and his favorite moments throughout the years.

“I and many others advocated the Leadership Foundation take on the idea of inner-state trips … It would introduce and get more folks engaged with the Leadership Foundation. And, we knew that it would add considerable depth and value to the knowledge and connections gained from other programs,” Silvers said.

CE is an opportunity to expand your network and connect with communities across the state from Fort Collins and Pueblo to Colorado Springs and Boulder.

“We’re all able to expand our personal and professional networks by talking – or debating – with other Coloradans who are dealing with the same issues and concerns in their communities as we are in ours,” Silver reflected. “It adds a lot of perspective while expanding your resources of knowledge and expertise down the road.”

Expand your network and hit the road with us as we travel to Vail May 30-31! Find out just what Silvers and other alums had in mind when they started CE eight years ago.

Get your seat for Colorado Experience.

Diana Pineda is the programs specialist for the Leadership Foundation.