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9NEWS Leader Of The Year Finalist Stephanie Donner Empowers Others Through Education And Opportunity

From advocating for communities around Colorado to empowering women in Denver and across the globe, Stephanie Donner leads by “meeting people where they are” to create collaborative, innovative and connected communities. Donner’s career has included a variety of roles that all were inspired by her desire to be a small part of something larger: “When we work together and collaborate and we when we [...]

2017-03-17T16:46:04-06:00February 13th, 2017|

Ten Years Of Giving

This is a time of year that evokes traditions. Gathering of friends and family. A meal shared. And memories made. For one group of Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation alumni that tradition includes giving back. 2006 Impact Denver Class The 2006 class of Impact Denver, the inaugural class, has hosted a giving circle since their class wrapped 10 years ago. They give under the [...]

2017-11-27T16:51:43-07:00December 15th, 2016|

One Leader Finds How She Can Serve

Lindsay Jones Sometimes we just need a little push as we contemplate our next step. For Lindsay Jones that push came when she received a scholarship to be in the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation’s spring 2016 Impact Denver class. Not only did it mean she wouldn’t have to worry about financial strain during the six months of the program, but she [...]

2017-03-17T16:01:44-06:00November 29th, 2016|

Trip To Salt Lake Inspires Interest In Bringing Skills, Mentoring Program To Denver

Understanding motivation—why someone makes a certain choice—is not the first step toward creating meaningful social change. Instead, developing the skills needed to change comes first. It was a provocative idea put forth to delegates of the Leadership Exchange last week by Joseph Grenny, the social scientist known for his bestselling book Influence: The New Science of Leading Change. The 165 business and civic leaders [...]

2017-03-17T16:04:18-06:00October 3rd, 2016|

Connecting Community Leaders

Leadership is a journey—and it’s one that is never really done. That’s why the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation works to support leaders throughout their careers. The Leadership Foundation provides you with the tools you need to be a successful community leader: knowledge, skills, network and experiences. Elizabeth Norris Part of the success of a civic leader is the community that they have to [...]

2017-03-17T16:06:38-06:00May 31st, 2016|